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Jerry D. Mead, Eileen Tillery, William J. Anthony
NWIWC Founders

Chief Wine Steward Frank Lootens; Wine Steward Carl Bambarger; Co-Producer Jody Tillery Gmeiner; Founder and Co-Producer Eileen Tillery; Wine Steward Pat Marten, Assistant Chief Judge Jim Wallace, Chief Judge Richard G. Peterson; Assistant Chief Judge Scott Harvey

Richard G. Peterson, Scott Harvey

Eileen Tillery, Richard G. Peterson

Eileen Tillery, Scott Harvey, Richard G. Peterson

Jim Wallace, Richard G. Peterson, Scott Harvey

Wine Stewards: Frank Lootens, Carl Bambarger, Shirley Nelson, Pat Marten

Eileen Tillery, Label Judge Betts Griffone

Eileen Tillery, Jody Tillery Gmeiner, Richard G. Peterson, Scott Harvey

Richard G. Peterson

Jim Wallace

Best of the Best
Best Sparkling, Gilbert Gruet; Best White Wine, Goose Watch Snow Goose; Best Red Wine, Bell Talianna; Best Desert Wine, Magnotta Riesling Ice Wine